We fuse beauty and usability

We create surprising and beautiful things. That’s been our focus since 2012, when Max Gunawan first began tinkering in his tiny San Francisco workshop. His passion for clean, minimalist everyday objects led to his first creation, Lito. What began as a crowdfunded project grew into an award-winning bestseller, found in more than 200 retailers across 30-plus countries.

Today, Lumio is focused on creating objects that blend forward-thinking technology with a level of craftsmanship more associated with days past. Through touch, sound, sight or scent, our creations engage your senses and leave you feeling more…human.

Our approach to design

Every day the world gets a little more rushed, distracted, over-stimulated. Our aim is to create objects that push back against that — objects that captivate you, and instill a sense of calm or awe, even if only for a moment.

Our creations are built to last — no need for constant upgrades and updates. We intend for them to spark joy for years to come.

Lumio's Founder

Max Gunawan

As an architect, Max Gunawan developed a passion for minimal design, and for clean lines that made intelligent use of small space. Becoming an entrepreneur was an accident. When he created Lumio, he didn’t have a big vision for a brand — he just wanted to create an object that was beautiful and surprising, something functional and…joyful. Today, Lumio has been written about everywhere from The New York Times to GQ. It’s been featured in New York’s Museum of Modern Art Store, and was named one of the “Top 10 most innovative crowdfunded companies” by Entrepreneur Magazine. Born in Jakarta, Max is currently based in Paris.